pastries and baked goods

We use homemade recipes with quality ingredients SO you can enjoy a variety of flavors; From our Armenian roots TO traditional French, Italian and American favorites.  


from our roots

GATA: the ultimate coffee cake; layers of puff pastry sweetened with swirls of flour, sugar and butter

BADAM BURI: light and fluffy signature dough filled with a walnut and sugar medley and topped with powdered sugar

KATAIF: shredded phyllo dough filled with honey and walnuts

KARAKUL: a crumbly cake filled with walnuts and apricot meringue

BAKLAVA: fluffy phyllo dough layered with plentiful walnuts, honey and a fluffy meringue

KNAFEH: shredded phyllo dough filled with mozzarella cheese, drizzled with sweet syrup and topped with pistachios

KHACHAPURI/BOREG: puff pastry with savory fillings (pictured above: bacon/cheddar, mozzarella/feta, spinach/feta)

french inspired

BUTTER CROISSANT: traditional buttery, light and fluffy croissant dough 

CHOCOLATE CROISSANT: traditional buttery croissant dough filled with a rich belgian chocolate, topped with swirls of the same

BEAR CLAW: traditional buttery croissant dough with an almond filling, dusted with powdered sugar and toasted almonds

KOUIGN-AMANN: traditional buttery croissant dough rolled in sugar and sprinkled with salt

ECLAIR: cream puffs topped with chocolate ganache

NAPOLEON: soft and flaky puff pastry covered in a condensed milk cream and crumbled coating  


small soft and pillowy cookies in a variety of colors, centered with a variety of filling choices including, salted caramel, chocolate ganache, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, pistachio, maple... and on and on

american favorites