Where Ingredients Matter



Elite Bakery was inspired by the Matsoyan family’s love for home-baked goods and pastries.

All of our sweet treats are tested tried and true in our family’s homes and are now available in both our storefront and online.

You will be hard pressed to find authentic Armenian pastries that compare to ours!

We have also mastered our favorite American cakes, cookies, and baked goods to give you a variety of special treats to choose from.

We make everything in-house from scratch, including most of our dough! We also use only high quality real ingredients - if you can’t find it in our cupboards at home, you won’t find it in our bakery!

Our baking process requires special care and a lot of love!

Our cultural background and emphasis on family values has taught us that it is important to feed those we love with only the best of what we have.

That is the model at the forefront of our business.

So let us fill your life with sweetness and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

As a matter of fact, we’ll ask you to come back.

you’re a part of the family now.

Welcome to Elite.